Pretty Centerpieces For Casual Weddings

Relaxed weddings are very popular these days. Couples love the idea of celebrating their marriage with their family and friends in a less formal way than in the olden days. These pretty centerpiece ideas are perfect for today’s casual weddings.

Everything about your wedding should flow in harmony. If you are the kind of bride who is most comfortable wearing a simple wedding gown with handmade jewelry, then you will want a very different type of wedding decorations than the bride who is wearing an opulent gown with very elaborately handmade wedding jewelry in a hotel ballroom. Your centerpieces should match your general style, and when your wedding reception is more relaxed, you can have fun with more creative table arrangements.

Gerbera daisies are one of the most popular flowers for casual receptions. Their bright colors and cheerful nature are both celebratory and informal. There are several styles of centerpieces which will work wonderfully with gerbera daisies as the main flower. For long tables, plant a “garden” of the daisies in long containers filled with wheatgrass. Choose either a single color, or a mixture of pink, orange, and yellow flowers. Another great idea for daisies is to leave their stems long and have them spring out of a vase which is tightly packed with lemon or lime wedges to add a pop of contrasting color and to help anchor the blossoms. So fun!

Hydrangeas are a perennial wedding flower favorite, and they have the possibility of being made to look very elegant or quite informal. A simple centerpiece idea for an outdoor wedding is to take bunches of hydrangeas and arrange them in pitchers. Find a variety of different pitchers at flea markets to give the table decorations that welcoming homey feeling. It will look as though you just plucked the flowers and popped them into a pitcher before friends stopped over for a glass of lemonade in the afternoon. As a matter of fact, these centerpieces are so easy to make that you can pick the flowers from your own yard and quickly drop them into the pitchers. Centerpieces don’t get much easier than that, and yet the end result will be really beautiful.

Potted plants and herbs make wonderful casual centerpieces. Try a mixture of various fresh herbs and flowering plants in a clay pot for a garden wedding. Or choose container plants which are in season for your wedding. Red geraniums or begonias would be very appealing for a summer wedding, or use orange and deep red mums for a rustic fall reception. Put the flowering plants into pretty but informal vessels, such as wicker baskets or painted tin pails. The flowers will add a cheery look to your reception tables without feeling stuffy or contrived. Simply perfect for an informal wedding!

Tips to Choose a Casual Wedding Invitation

If you have chosen a casual wedding invitation to invite your friends and family, options are endless for you. There are so many ways to personalize your invitation and make it look really beautiful. Customize anything from pictures, wordings, fonts, to pictures to add your own creativity into your invitation. Here are some tips that may help you to make beautiful cards that speak your undeniable love that you share with your partner.

Look for the matching theme for the occasion:
Getting a wedding invitation that explains its content is available easily on numerous sources. You can explore internet or contact a it’s designer to explore the hundreds of wedding invitation designs. If you are planning to hire a designer, look for the right person and start coordinating with the person to get the best designs that matches your personality. Nowadays, choosing a card according to motif is a common trend. Many people add flowers, hearts, contemporary and traditional symbols to make their wedding invitations really wonderful.

Get your own colors that define your love:
Color selection is an important part of designing the wedding invitation cards. Hence, choose colors that support the theme of the card very well. For example, many people use a lot of white and pink in their cards which symbolizes purity of love. In addition, you can use multi-colors at the same time to make your card more trendy and beautiful as well.

No Need To Splurge – Casual Wedding Dresses Can Turn Heads Just as Well!

Everyone knows the stereotype of the bride in the long flowing layer cake of a wedding dress that is just typical of every wedding. You can’t dance in it, you can’t really sit in it and you definitely can’t wear it more than once and every bride has one almost exactly like it! White, lacy and frilly! Yuck! What about those of us who like a little flair in our life though? What about those of us who don’t need to follow the crowd and just go with what we like? Well, we pick a wedding dress that breaks the mould, that’s what we do.

We have our weddings barefoot on the beach in a gauzy white dress that blows around us in the warm ocean breeze with the groomsmen in khaki shorts and white dress shirts, all that white and sand and grey and blue making for spectacular wedding pictures. We have our weddings in tents in the backyard with flowering bushes growing right next to our reception area creating a scent no air freshener in the world could match and we march down that bougainvillea petal strewn aisle in the strappy little white number that caught our eye at the mall last month but never found the right place to wear to, until now that is.

The best part about the casual wedding dress is that they can be worn again rather than packed with mothballs and left to molder in a closet somewhere until twenty years later your daughter or daughter-in-law has to gently break it to you that she can’t wear your dress because she has her own ideas on what her dress should look like. Your wedding dress doesn’t languish in the corner like a relic; you can wear it again and again to restaurants, on that cruise you and your husband take for your fifth anniversary, to your son’s christening, wherever and whenever you do you’re reminded of the most special day of your life.

You can still have your wedding in a church if you feel a need to include a religious ceremony aspect to it and you can wear the same casual wedding dress there as well. Granted your wedding isn’t a time to skimp on prices because it’s not like you’re going to have another one, but think about how much more inexpensive it would be if you have a tight budget to buy a more casual dress. The really important thing is that your wedding dress tells everyone who you are, be it princess style or a peasant blouse over a gypsy skirt. Express yourself, this is your day; don’t let anybody tell you, you have to be formal with it. If you’re uncomfortable, it will show, be yourself and you will be even more radiant than any thousand dollar dress can make you.

Casual Wedding Dresses

Wedding is a very special affair and even in few years ago, people used to plan and prepare its dresses taking months together. Those were the days when wearing formal traditional wedding dresses was almost mandatory. But, with change in lifestyle and people’s attitude towards social ethos, formal bridal dresses are gradually receding giving way to the next generation casual wedding dresses.

Shifting of marriage venues from churchyards to backyards has also contributed greatly in encouraging using casual wedding dresses. If you are planning to solemnize your much awaited marriage ceremony secretly in an isolated island, will you bother to go for the minute details of a formal nuptial? Collecting short informal dresses will certainly be your first preference then. Such informal dresses have their inherent advantages over their counterparts. Opportunity of creating one’s own personalized wedding dresses also exists with the casual wedding attires. Seeing great potential, designers and manufacturers are also now days busy developing exotic and relaxing casual marriage dresses.

Depending upon the place of celebration, nature and design of your casual wedding dresses should be decided. Marriage at one’s own backyard with complete family gathering requires sober and decent dresses. If it is a hot summer evening, you must not choose something that may help you sweat further. A nice designer strapless may fulfill your requirement. You may also go for sleeves, if you feel uncomfortable with the strapless exposures. A square or v-shaped neckline may be chosen to suit your taste. With casual bridal dresses, there exist actually unlimited options to choose ideal marriage attires. Few very common examples of informal marriage outfits are halter neckline, designer silhouettes, sleeves, waistlines, skirts with matching jackets, bridal trains, etc.

Casual wedding dresses provide an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends. Splendid embroidery works and fabrics generally form part of such informal nuptial attires. Design of these works may be ordered or can be best chosen to suit one’s own personality and budget. If you are searching for a perfect beach wedding dress, you may go for white colored short skirt. In such cases, you must not forget to collect appropriate veils, sunglasses, hair bands, and footwear, etc. In other locations, your wedding accessories may differ, but they must not be ignored. Else, your informal wedding attire alone will not be able to prepare you exotically for your partner.

Casual wedding dresses are very common for the people who always want to establish uniqueness in their every sphere of activities, or in the case of second or third marriage ceremonies. Though white and ivory are the two prominent colors for most of the informal wedding dresses, but you have the full liberty to choose pink, yellow, green, red, etc. as favorite colors for your dream wedding attires. As these dresses have very limited after use, you most not go for costly deals. After a littler search at your local boutique shops, departmental stores, or in various online virtual stores, you will be able to locate fabulous casual bridal dresses within reasonable prices. If you have enough times on hand, you may search for discounted dresses. On the other hand, if you have little time, patience, creativity and intention, you yourself can design marvelous personalized casual bridal dresses.

Casual Wedding Invitations – It’s Hip to Be Relaxed!

Casual wedding invitations have become increasingly popular in recent years. With wedding costs on the rise, there has been a growing trend where young couples, plus older couples remarrying after previous failed marriages, are seemingly abandoning the flourish and regalia of formal wedding ceremonies. Weddings are just so expensive anymore. A casual wedding allows for more relaxed dresses, less lavish digs, simple decorations and a low-key ceremony. It’s not very uncommon for people to get married in relaxed khakis, jeans or beach wear, with just a few friends and family present.

Theme weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years with many of them necessitating casual wedding invitations. Beach weddings, for instance, have become more popular, allowing for a destination/vacation experience for the couple, friends and family. Nothing says casual more than white sandy beaches and startling blue ocean waters. Couples are just looking to erase the perception that weddings are associated with stuffiness, stress and worry by ensuring their wedding is a stress free event for everyone to enjoy. One particular area of focus, if your wedding will be casual, is to make sure that your invitation conveys this to the recipient.

You can begin by keeping your invitation itself simple in concept and design. Casual wedding invites can be simple or silly. Cartoon invitations, humorous/funny invitations, are all examples of less formal invitations. People may be more likely to keep an invitation if there is a funny caricature or something humorous and unique with the invitation. Motorcycle wedding invites are an example of the invitation itself spelling out a casual wedding ceremony/reception. Chances are, if your invitation includes a picture of the bride and groom riding a Harley, with a winged heart tattoo, people will know not to rent a tux or dust off their suit for the event.

The wording of your casual wedding invites should also coincide with the type of invitation in order for all guests to understand that this is a casual event. It’s not a bad idea for the bride and groom to incorporate their own style into their wedding by keeping the wording informal and friendly. The invitation can also include a remark indicating that the dress code is casual. Please remember, however, that the informal tone doesn’t mean that pertinent information should be neglected in your casual wedding invitations. Even your casual invite needs to include necessary information for guests like the full names of the bride and groom, date, time and location of the ceremony and reception.

Great Decorations for Casual Weddings

Informal weddings are a fantastic way to get everyone together for a good time. Set the stage for your celebration with festive but informal wedding decor. These are some great ideas for decorations for casual weddings.

Handmade elements are a key trend for weddings in everything from the invitations to the wedding jewelry to the favors. Handcrafted decorations also happen to be perfect for casual weddings. Large paper pom poms are easy to craft from colorful tissue paper and are a festive pretty decoration for a wedding. One of the terrific things about paper pom poms is that you can make them in any color you wish, so you can create the exact color palette you want for your wedding. Hang giant pom poms from trees or the ceiling of an indoor venue to add bursts of color. Medium sized paper pom poms can be strung on clear thread and suspended behind the ceremony altar, over reception tables, or used to break up the reception site into several spaces. Small pom poms can even be crafted into centerpieces in lieu of fresh flowers.

White lights are another fantastic decorating idea for a casual wedding. If you are having an evening wedding outside, there is no quicker way to transform the area than by stringing tiny white lights in the trees. Voila – your backyard will become an enchanted garden for one night! Little white lights work equally well for indoor spaces. A rustic barn or lodge reception site will look beautiful with hundreds of white lights twinkling in the rafters. It is a simple way to get a big look without investing a lot in costly floral decorations.

Fabric is also an excellent decorative element for a casual wedding. Think about how red and white check tablecloths will instantly evoke a classic picnic feeling. Or use floral printed oilcloth tablecloths a la Cath Kidston for an informal English countryside effect. Another fun idea is to put pretty pieces of material in “distressed” wooden picture frames. Prop them up anywhere you want to add a little color, such as the cake table, guest book table, and favor table. Speaking of wedding favors, you can even use bits of cloth or bandannas to wrap the favors instead of using traditional wrapping paper.

For an oceanside wedding, sea glass and old bottles are wonderful informal decorative elements. The soft blues and greens of sea glass are absolutely beautiful, and would be great to pull throughout the wedding – think about ordering handmade wedding jewelry in those hues or choosing a sea glass inspired bridesmaid dress. Fill large hurricane lanterns with the colorful sea glass for a quick and easy beach wedding centerpiece. A wreath of white flowers around the base of the lantern would be a lovely addition to the design. Or fill a low tray with smooth sea glass and use it as a base to anchor the escort cards for the reception. Group old glass bottles in shades of green, blue, and purple behind the tray and place a single flower in each one for a gorgeous yet simple detail.

There are many other great decorating ideas for casual weddings. Baskets of geraniums or mums are a charming way to dress up the steps of a porch. Bowls of citrus fruit, pears, apples, or pine cones can be used for side tables. Wedding decorations need not be elaborate or opulent to be beautiful, as these informal decorating ideas prove.

Stand Out at Your Wedding

When most people think of wedding fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the bride’s search for the perfect wedding dress. But getting married should be a chance for both of you to look your best, and there are more choices in attire for men than just black ties or bow ties for the groom and best man. There is no reason that the groom shouldn’t look and feel his best on his big day, and there are a few ways to spice up your attire without overshadowing your bride. Whether you are planning a super formal event or you are having a casual wedding, ties for the groom are a must. But there are lots of other fashionable choices that you can make for yourself.

For most guys, getting married will require that you wear a tuxedo, and chances are that your bride wants the groomsmen to wear identical or nearly identical tuxedos. But one way to stand out from the rest of the bridal party while still looking like part of the group is to wear a slightly different jacket than the rest of the groomsmen. You can make a small change, like wearing a double-breasted jacket while the rest of the guys wear single breasted coats, or something bolder like a jacket that has a lining in a bright color. You can even opt for a white dinner jacket while the rest of the guys wear traditional black, or wear black while the rest wear white.

Your boutonniere is another place where you can make a statement. Chances are, the boutonnieres will coordinate with the color of the ties for the groom and his groomsmen, but you can personalize yours by changing a few parts. First, you can try a different central flower, such as wearing a rose while the rest of the groomsmen wear lilies or another flower. Or, you can add your own special touch to the boutonniere by adding something that represents a hobby or cause that is important to you in the form of a ribbon or small flag.

Of course, ties for the groom are one of the best places to make a statement. You can try wearing a different tie than your groomsmen while keeping everything else the same, or you could let each male member of the wedding party express himself by wearing a different tie in the same color family. Bow ties for the groom are another way to have fun- you can add a lot of pattern when wearing a bow tie because of it’s smaller size. You could even change up the idea of ties for the groom by wearing an ascot while the groomsmen wear a traditional tie or bow tie.

Your wedding day can be a great way to show off your individuality and sense of style, and there are some small things you can do that make a big impact. Whether you want to change up your entire outfit or just add a small twist with different ties for the groom, there is no reason to let the bride have all the fun when it comes to wedding fashion.

Sophia Reyes Designer Wedding Dress – Fashionable and Stylish

Whether you would prefer the latest trend of a tea length wedding dress, an elegant, always in style formal gown with a cathedral train, or a simply beautiful beach casual wedding dress, it will always be exciting to choose your gown. Every bride wants to feel like a princess, so the gown needs to be special and unique in order to make your day memorable.

While there are plenty of dresses available already made, many women really dream of getting that designer dress, and there are many of these affordable enough for most modest budgets. Many women consider that unique, striking dress to be a good investment for that one of a kind day.

Another way to locate a designer dress for less is to shop around and find a less established, younger designer. Younger designers can provide you with a similarly amazing and fashionable wedding gown, but at a far more affordable price. For example, consider a fabulous gown by Sophia Reyes, whose work is every bit as desirable as better known designers but much less expensive. It is well worth the time and effort you’ll invest to find an affordable designer gown.

One lucky recipient of a designer gown by Sophia Reyes was her own sister Patricia. Ms. Reyes also created the gowns for the bridal attendants and for the bride’s mother as well. They all featured the elegant simplicity for which she is renowned. She firmly believes that gowns worn at weddings should offer both comfort and the ability to be worn again for another occasion. Her gowns are made to create blissfully happy memories far into the future.

You can turn up some younger and not so famous couturiers in your area, but if you want to purchase Reyes’ designs you can locate her online. She appears particularly flexible and desirous of making a gown to satisfy the bride-to-be rather than herself. Her gowns really flatter all the brides who wear them. It is obvious how much time, effort, and passion she invests in making all of her gowns.

Designer gowns have a great resale value and make exquisite fashions available to brides of all budgets. A Sophia Reyes designer wedding gown can make your memorable day even more special and a lifelong investment. If you aren’t sentimental about keeping the dress perhaps you can resell it or donate it after the wedding.

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Reasons For A Beach Wedding

There are many good reasons to have a beach wedding. Picture this romantic scene – a sunny white sandy beach surrounded by palm trees. The waves of the ocean licking the shore of the warm coastline. Perhaps it was a place such as this where you both first met. What better reason could you have to get married on the beach.

The bride can choose a cheap designer wedding dress or a casual wedding gown or even a short sexy formal dress to be her beach wedding dress.

Her bridal lingerie can be on the skimpy side if she decides on a slinky, straight, clingy style of dress. Bulky slips are a matter of choice, depending on the cut and the amount of flare in the dress. If the bride chooses the more formal gown, perhaps she may want the layers of a full bridal slip. Otherwise she may want to go with something much lighter.

When it comes to a beach wedding, there are more option in the choice of a shoe. Even a discount shoe for a fraction of the price. Better yet buy a shoe online.I, myself would prefer a mule style so that the sand can slide right through, rather than sticking to and filling up the shoe, such as it would do in a pump. The height of the heel would be a matter of personal choice.

Between the scenery and relaxing atmosphere, the options in your choice of dress or gown,lingerie and shoes cannot you see that there are many good reasons for holding a beach wedding? How many more reasons do you need? I cannot see of any.

A Guide to Buying Casual Wedding Dresses

There are many types of wedding dresses. You can classify them according to design, size, fabric, color and even adornments. Each type also has its purpose. There are some that you can use for traditional weddings and some that you can only wear in casual themes. Each of the option has its own effect and depending on the taste of the couple, they can go for a high end or low end option in each category.

Casual wedding dresses are mostly worn at beach weddings, countryside weddings and ones in which the couple want to have a low profile, simple occasion. Casual dresses do not have the embellishments of a formal wedding dress but they are nevertheless elegant. We take a look at casual bridal wear in genera and how it may be suitable for you.

The internet is one good place to buy discount dresses. You can search generally on Google for discount wedding dresses. There are many listings to consider. In making a choice, you will be contemplating which dress will best complement your theme, type of wedding, accessories and weather. If you are buying from eBay, you have the added advantage of filtering the results by price so you get the cheapest. EBay auctions have larger pictures that you can zoom further to closely examine the dress you are buying. You can as well visit discount shops or those offering sales. You have the opportunity to talk to assistants who will help you make a choice and accessorize it.

Despite their simplicity, casual wedding dresses can make a glamorous event. They are simple in style and not glitter that much. They do not need complex veils and brooches and will go with almost any hairstyle. Casual wedding dresses best fit beach weddings and court wedding in which not many people are present. They are also suitable for private weddings. Casual wedding gowns look as glamorous as their formal ones. They allow a lot of freedom and help you to organize your outdoor wedding in style. Despite their simple design, you should look for matching adornments for the dress to make it look elegant.